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“I empower women with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and chronic inflammation to thrive: transforming challenges into victories, unlocking vibrant energy and confidence and living life to the fullest.”

“Welcome to a transformative experience
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Hey there, I’m Tanja Kohlmetz and I’m thrilled you’ve found your way to Soulfood and Wellness.

I believe in the power of personalized guidance on your health journey and I understand that health is deeply personal, especially when it comes to digestive wellness and dietary choices like going gluten-free.

Through tailored coaching, let’s work together to unlock your potential, overcome hurdles and build sustainable habits that align with your life and goals. We discover what truly energizes you, what keeps you balanced and what makes you thrive. I’m dedicated to crafting a holistic plan that aligns with your body and mind`s bioindividual needs.


My name is Tanja Kohlmetz, I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a CGP Gluten-Free Practitioner and my biggest passion in life is guiding women towards optimal health and wellness.

My venture into health coaching was prompted by nearly a lifelong struggle with undiagnosed health issues, including gluten sensitivity and an underlying autoimmune disease.
I struggled with persistent gut problems, regular fainting, anxiety, migraines, severe panic attacks, tachycardia, overall body and joint pain as well as allergies and food sensitivities, among other challenges.

Despite my relentless pursuit, I couldn’t find a physician willing to embark on the detective work needed to unravel the mysteries within my body.
Countless therapists proved ineffective also.
Faced with the dire need for a solution, I assumed responsibility for my well-being and delved into a comprehensive holistic journey on my own.

certified Integrative Nutrition Health CoachThere were days when I struggled to even get out of bed and care for my son, a formidable task as a single mom with no family support.
My social life dwindled to nonexistence due to the fear of fainting and panic attacks which could occur at any moment, eating and drinking out was a no go for me as food was my enemy.

Fifteen years ago, a turning point emerged when I received an invitation to a nutrition course, which felt like a calling. Within the first days I decided to eliminate gluten from my diet, a challenging feat in 2009 when gluten-free products were not widely available, but somehow I made it.
Within a week I noticed an improvement and three weeks later I was a completely transformed person—the first step on my arduous but rewarding healing journey.

Now I am living my best life ever, I love long walks in nature, adore the beach, I am passionate about cooking and creating new recipes, music, meditation, traveling and I have a vibrant social life.
We are lifelong learners and I am grateful for every lesson life’s thrown at me as it has shaped me into who I am today.

My mission is assisting women in navigating the short path. I want them to be heard and supported, symptoms are real and have an origen that requires uncovering. Recognising our bio-individuality is crucial—what may be someone’s medicine could be another person’s poison.

I am delighted to accompany you on this transformative path toward a healthier, happier you.

Let’s embark on this journey together!


certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Personalized Health Plans:

Receive tailored coaching that fits your unique bio-individual needs, ensuring effective and sustainable wellness transformations.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the expertise of Tanja Kohlmetz, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Gluten Free Practitioner, dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Holistic Approach:

Experience a comprehensive approach to health that considers your physical, mental and emotional well-being, not just your symptoms.

Flexible Coaching Options:

Choose from various coaching packages that suit your schedule and needs.

You have several options to start your journey to being the best version of yourself.


3 one to one coaching sessions of 50 minutes:

This package is for you if you need a specific support, for example if you need basic orientation for going gluten-free or you are stuck with a short term problem and need some guidance to get back on track.

Kickstart your Gluten free journey with this 3 one to one sessions if you are recently diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or if you want to start eating gluten free for other health reasons

Price: 295€

6 weeks one to one coaching, 1 session of 50 minutes per week :

This package is for you if you want to create a foundation for your transformation or if you have a specific short term goal and need guidance and accountability to start your journey. You will also be provided with some tools to help you stay on track.

Price: 590€

3 months one to one coaching, 12 sessions of 50 minutes each:

Star package with most benefits tailored uniquely for you.

This is for you if you want a complete makeover, building the foundation for your transformation. You will also be provided with tools to help you staying on track and one email check in between sessions to keep you accountable.

Price: 1195€

Backend programs and group coaching available by request.

“Start your journey to become the best version of yourself”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A health coach will work with you to set achievable goals, create personalized plans, provide education and support and help you navigate obstacles and challenges on your health journey.

Integrative Nutrition Health coaches typically focus on holistic well-being, emphasizing behavior change, goal setting and accountability. They complement medical care but aren’t licensed medical professionals. Personal trainers focus more on physical fitness routines and exercise guidance.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches can assist with various areas such as weight management, nutrition, stress management, sleep improvement, chronic disease management and overall lifestyle changes.

Absolutely not. Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching can benefit anyone looking to improve their overall well-being, whether they have specific health concerns or are seeking to enhance their lifestyle and prevent future diseases.

The frequency of sessions can vary depending on your goals and needs. Initially, sessions might be more frequent and then spaced out as progress is made. Some prefer weekly sessions while others may opt for bi-weekly or monthly meetings.

Definitely yes. Health coaching sessions can be conducted remotely via video calls, phone calls, or online platforms, making it convenient for clients to access coaching from anywhere.

The timeline for seeing results varies for each individual and depends on factors such as the goals set, commitment to the plan and the complexity of the changes being made. Some people notice improvements in a few weeks while others may take longer.

Look for a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with reputable training and certifications from recognized institutions. It’s essential to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who understands your specific needs.

No, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment. Health coaches are not licensed medical professionals and do not provide medical diagnoses, treatments or prescriptions. Health coaching complements medical treatment by focusing on holistic well-being, lifestyle changes, behavior modification and goal setting. It aims to support individuals in making healthier choices, managing stress, improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and enhancing overall well-being.

However, it’s important to note that Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches can work alongside healthcare providers to support a patient’s overall health and wellness goals. They can help clients follow through on doctor-recommended lifestyle changes, medication adherence and other prescribed treatments.

If you have specific health concerns or medical conditions, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional for proper diagnosis, treatment, and medical advice. Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches can be a valuable part of a comprehensive healthcare plan but should not replace the guidance and expertise of licensed medical professionals.

Absolutely, let’s discover together which program and payment plan suits you best for your individual needs.


Many of you asked me why I used a dragonfly as a logo as it doesn’t seem related to health and wellness, but yes, it has a very significant meaning in different cultures.

In many spiritual beliefs dragonflies symbolise transformation, adaptability and the connection between the material and spiritual worlds. Their brief lifespan is seen as a reminder to live in the present moment. Some also associate dragonflies with change, self-realisation and the understanding of deeper emotions. The delicate beauty of the dragonfly is thought to represent the fragility of life and the importance of embracing change.

I experienced a profound connection with dragonflies that stirred my soul, unveiling their extraordinary essence and I couldn’t imagine anything else being the symbol of my coaching practice.

Gluten Free and Chronic Inflammation Coach

Do you need anything else? Do you have further questions before booking your discovery call?


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